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How To Convert Recharge Card To Money And Withdraw To Your Account In Minutes

Recently i have been seeing people complaining about mistakenly recharging thier phones more than the quantity needed.

Today. I will be giving you the 100% working method to convert your recharge card to money and withdraw.

Note; if you are withdrawing 1000 it will cost you 100, ₦2000 will cost ₦200.. etc

The minimum to withdraw is ₦1000… and it works for MTN only.

Lets get to the main deal

Steps to follow;

First of all register at Betpawa

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Screenshot_2020-05-13 screenshot_20200513-1314012115294511684317110 png (PNG Image, 720 × 1560 pixels) - Scaled (42%)
Accept the transaction

Once you finish the above step, The amount will be deposit in your account.

How to withdraw the cash into your bank account

Screenshot_2020-05-13 Withdraw betPawa ng(1)
Click the withdraw button to go to the withdrawal page
Screenshot_2020-05-13 Withdraw betPawa ng
Fill in the withdraw form to withdraw your cash.

You will credited in a few minutes

So that is the basic and simple steps to convert your airtime to money and withdra to your bank account.

If you don’t get any of the steps, Be free to drop a comment below;


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